It’s not just about us, this IS us! We don’t play, we’re gourmet tots ALL DAY!

Sinfully good and right here in your hood! You can’t just THROW us in your menu with your burgers, fries, burritos and lousy salads… you won’t fit in! Inspired by people like Mr.Potato Head and the iconic Napoleon… hence our signature “DYNAMITE” sauce, we are tater tots pioneered! Here to lead the latest craze and give your taste a buzz for days.

No matter how you try them, they’re just not what they should be unless they’re made here at GYOT! Nostalgic comfort feel with a modern twist, you’ll wish you could eat one the size of your fist! For breakfast or lunch, dinner or brunch, our flavours are here to deliver a punch.

So don’t wait around! Round up the group, Get Your Own Taters right here in a swoop.